Journalism that reports solutions,
not problems.

The mission of The Philadelphia Citizen is twofold: to provide deeply reported journalism that emphasizes solutions to advance our region and to actively reignite citizenship in and around Philadelphia. Recognizing that media that chronicles only what’s wrong without considering how to address underlying issues is only doing half a job, The Citizen provides not just facts, but context and remedies. By promoting and supporting Philadelphia’s positive change agents and taking to task the business-as-usual crowd, The Citizen underscores the role that each of us can play in charting Philadelphia’s way forward.

The Philadelphia Citizen offers straightforward prescriptions for ordinary Philadelphians to become more active participants in the life of their city, serving as a one stop shop for civic engagement. In addition to its regularly published web-based content, since 2014, The Citizen has curated a Philadelphia-focused symposium series featuring established and emerging thought-leaders interacting with a young, diverse, ultra-engaged audience.

What happened. What it means. What you can do about it.

The Philadelphia Citizen Events

The Citizen events are not marketing endeavor to push a brand; they are content in and of themselves. They offer Philadelphians the opportunity to participate in a distinctly old-school type of social networking through real time, face to face conversations with the politicians, newsmakers and policy experts who make a direct impact on the region’s quality of life.